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On the results of the assessment of state bodies’ performance in the field of "Human Resources Management" for 2015

The Ministry of Civil Service Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 954 of March 19, 2010, "On the System for the annual assessment of the activities of central state and local executive bodies of oblasts, cities of state significance, the capital" carries the assessment of state bodies’ performance in the field of "Personnel Management".

The assessment is based on the analysis of information from government agencies on such criteria as the effectiveness of the use of human resources, training of civil servants, the effectiveness of work to prevent corruption, and the level of satisfaction of civil servants.

12 central state and 16 local executive bodies are subject to the assessment.

So in 2015, the Ministry of Civil Service Affairs conducted an assessment in the direction of "Human Resources Management".

At the end of 2015, the average score was 74.2 points (according to the results of 2014 it was 72.4). The average score of the assessment among the central government bodies was 74.5 points, which is 0.9 points more than in 2014, among the local executive bodies it reached 73.9 points, which is also 2.4 points more compared to 2014.

Positive shifts are observed in the rising effectiveness of work on the prevention of corruption, training of civil servants and the effectiveness of the use of human resources.

The number of civil servants convicted of corruption offences has significantly decreased: from 111 people (in 2014) to 69 people.

The share of government executives who voluntarily published declarations on income and property increased (following the results of 2014 - 57.3%)by 14.6% (up to 71.9%).

The state bodies provided almost full coverage of civil servants subject to advanced training - 97%, which is 2% more than in 2014. The share of civil servants who have gone through retraining has grown to 88% (in 2014 it was 85%).

In terms of effectiveness of human resources use, there has been a slight decrease in the staff turnover in state bodies.

In 2015, 8.9% of state bodies employees were dismissed on the grounds provided by the Methodology of Evaluation of the Efficiency of Personnel Management (in 2014 the figure was 9.1%), including those in local executive bodies the turnover was reduced to 13.8%, which is lower than the 2014 indicator of 14.4%.

Based on the results of the assessment, the necessary recommendations were sent to state bodies.

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