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Information on the main outcomes in the sphere of civil service for the year of 2015

Information on the main outcomes in the sphere of civil service for the year of 2015
During 2015 systematic work on civil service issues was carried out according to the plan under the following multi-directions:
1. Implementation of the first institutional reform on the formation of a professional state apparatus within the framework of the Plan of the Nation "100 Concrete Steps".
Approaches, which were discussed and approved at the meetings of the National Commission for Modernization, for the practical implementation of the first 15 steps of the Plan of the Nation have been worked out.
In order to provide the legal basis for the first institutional reforms, a new Law on the Civil Service of the Republic of Kazakhstan and its accompanying legislation have been developed and adopted.
Academics, on the course of the development of the new Law, took part, namely academics of the Higher School of Public Policy of Nazarbayev University, as well as professors from the world's most prestigious universities - the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Cornell University in the United States. For this purpose task meetings were held with Pan Suk Kim, the Chairman of the Asian Association of Public Administration (South Korea), Kishor Mahbubani, the Dean of the Higher School of Public Policy of the NUS, Donald Lowe and  Eduardo Araral  and others who are leading professors of the NUS.
To take the regional aspect into account, situations of civil servants' activity at the regional, district and rural levels were analyzed. The key aspects of the Law were discussed with the representatives of the Akimats of the regions.
Along with this, in order to ensure  a switch to a competence-based approach in the selection and promotion of personnel the Agency together with the subordinate organization - the National Center for Personnel Management of the Civil Service -  an automated testing program is being prepared to identify their core competencies (initiativeness,  communicative skills, analytical skills, self-discipline, strategic thinking, and leadership skills) and personal qualities (ethics, commitment to quality and  customer and zero tolerance towards corruption).
This program has already been tested twice for high-performance employees and positive “expert conclusions” have been received.
In order to provide public support for the reforms, briefings of staff, experts of public associations and the academics are organized in the Central Communications Service.
To cover key approaches in the formation of a professional state apparatus and the provisions of the new Law in mass media, information content has been prepared.
2. Build up and monitor the personnel pool of the administrative civil service of “A” and “B” corps
The personnel pool for the administrative civil service of the "A" corps
Starting from 2013 the number of enrolled in the personnel pool of the administrative civil service of the "A" corps is 1254 people: i.e. 940 people were enrolled in 2013, 149 in 2014, and 115 in 2015.
Including the succession of all pool members who have already been enrolled in the personnel pool for three years, the enrolled number comprises 191 people; 158 of them are civil servants, 31 are not civil servants and 2 are unemployed.
In the gender context: there are 166 male (87%), female - 25 people (13%) of the total number of the succession pool members.
As of today, 12 out of 513 existing posts of the "A" corps remain vacant, 4 posts of which belong to local executive bodies.
The personnel pool for administrative civil service of the "B" corps
As of December 19, 2015, the personnel pool of the administrative civil service of the corps "B" consists of 310 succession pool members (who submitted their applications for 1452 categories).
In total, since January 2015, 513 people were enrolled in the personnel pool (in 1759 categories).
The number of the candidates from the pool who have been already employed - 292.
The number of the candidates excluded from the pool is 359 (in 1,449 categories).
3. Coordination of appointments of administrative civil servants due to transfer
As of December 19 of the current year, documents for 1951 civil servants have been received to coordinate appointments due to transfers, of which:
• a consent has been given to 1776 submissions, including 1126 for a higher position, 526 for an equivalent position and 124 for a lower position;
• submissions of 175 candidates have been denied.
4. Organization of testing candidates to employ them for administrative civil service positions
Since the beginning of this year 55,790 people have taken part in the testing:
• 18,447 candidates got the pass mark (33.1%);
• 37,199 candidates did not get the pass mark (66.7%).
• 144 candidates were suspended due to the violation of testing procedures (0.2%).
5. Introduction IIS "E-Kyzmet" and its function
The work on putting into operation an integrated information system "E-kyzmet" from the start of 2016, which is an IT solution for the personnel management systems in the civil service, is proceeding to completion.
The goal of the project "E-Kyzmet" is the automation of the activities of the personnel management services of state bodies and receiving full personnel information about civil servants of central and regional levels on an “online mode”.
In accordance with the specification requirements within the framework of "E-Kyzmet", 9 blocks, including 32 subsystems, have been developed.
To date, about 96,000 personal records have been entered into the system. More than 66,000 of them are current administrative civil servants.
6. Coordination and monitoring of training and further training of civil servants
During the 11 months of 2015, 16,868 civil servants were trained at the Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Regional Training Centers at refresher and retraining courses.
The Academy together with Nazarbayev University organized a seminar for employees of personnel management of central state bodies devoted to the discussion of the key new amendments to the Law "On the Civil Service of the Republic of Kazakhstan".
Moreover, at the Academy of Public Administration, a training seminar: “Budget planning in the system of public administration. Modern approaches to the formation of the cost of budgetary services” was held. This seminar was designed for the key personnel of the Ministries of the social bloc (The Ministries of Education and Science, Health Care and Social Development, Culture and Sports).
In addition, within the framework of the first institutional reform, transformation of Regional Centers for training and further training of civil servants into Branches of the Academy of Public Administration is taking place.
This transformation will ensure the unity of the system of training and the further training of civil service personnel.
7. Information on the Disciplinary Councils
In 2015, the Disciplinary Councils held 225 meetings.
1317 disciplinary cases were registered and reviewed against persons authorized to perform state functions and equal status persons.
753 cases of the indicated number of reviewed disciplinary cases were submitted to the heads of state bodies for imposing an appropriate disciplinary sanction, 196 disciplinary cases were sent to the authorized state body or an official to make decisions on their merits, and 368 disciplinary proceedings were terminated.
Based on the results of consideration of the recommendations made by the Disciplinary Councils, 791 persons were brought up to disciplinary liability (for committing corrupt offenses -437).
In particular, 15 Akims of districts, 111 administrative civil servants working for central state bodies and their territorial subdivisions (C category), 61 civil servants of local executive bodies who are financed from the regional budget (D category), 457 civil servants of city and district state bodies (E category), 38 law enforcement officers and 109 other persons.
The results of the Disciplinary council decisions are as follows: administrative admonition - 72, reprimands - 107, severe reprimands - 118, demotion- 22, notice of incomplete service compliance - 330 and discharges - 142.
In order to strengthen state discipline, compliance with the requirements of anti-corruption legislation and the Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct  for akims and other heads of state bodies, 1,639 recommendations and proposals have been worked out.
The Discipline Councils conducted 801 on-site receptions in cities and districts, 1756 citizens got personal receptions, 2,738 seminar-meetings on anti- corruption and compliance with the Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct by state employees were held.
The members of the Disciplinary Councils gave 3785 speeches for mass media in the reporting period: on TV- 1,208 speeches, on radio - 148, in newspapers and other printed media - 1,308 and on Internet resources - 1,121.
8. Information on the results of inspections of compliance with the Law “On the Civil Service”
In 2015, 1389 inspections were conducted in central and local state bodies on the issues of non violation of legislation on civil service, anti-corruption legislation and norms of the Code of Honor. In particular, 228 scheduled inspections were held, 754 on appeals of individuals, 147 on the appeals from government bodies and other legal entities. 241 inspections were held on the basis of instructions from the central apparatus and 19 inspections were held on the basis of other information published in the media and other sources.
According to the results of the inspections, 9,391 violations of the legislation on civil service, on government services, anti-corruption legislation and the Code of Honor were revealed.
746 of the violations of the total number of detected violations concerned the rules of professional conduct, 406 of them concern the rules for imposing disciplinary sanctions, 314 are related to the violation of the requirements of competition rules, 75 are related to the provisions on the procedure of holding the civil service.
In total, according to the results of inspections, 900 civil servants were brought to disciplinary responsibility, particularly, administrative admonition - 381, reprimands - 333, severe reprimands - 115, notice on incomplete service compliance - 58 and dismissal - 13.
563 detected violations were eliminated (among the eliminable ones) and 55 illegal orders were canceled
9. Information on the administrative practice
In the course of 2015, 88 administrative cases were initiated under Article 99 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Republic of Kazakhstan, including 83 cases which go under Part 1 (violation of the selection procedure on a competitive basis), under Part 2 (an illegal release of persons from administrative state positions) - 5 cases.
As of October 1, 2015, according to the results of the inspection of administrative cases, 3,753,788 KZ tenge was recovered and returned to the state budget.


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