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Electronic information resources and systems

The integrated information system of personnel management 'E-Kyzmet' (hereunder referred to as the 'E-Kyzmet' system) is an integrated information system of personnel management and personnel potential of civil service of Kazakhstan and is designed for solving primary tasks of the Agency for Civil Service Affairs and Anti-Corruption of the Republic of Kazakhstan and service for personnel management of state bodies, and also the development and improvement of personnel management processes.

Project goals:

1) Automation of civil service and services for personnel management of state bodies.

2) Personnel management of civil service in accordance with best international practice.

3) Getting full information on civil servants of central and regional levels online.

The 'E-Kyzmet' system will allow to increase the performance of personnel management services, to cut time and labor costs for getting and updating information, as well as getting the full information about civil servants such as personal data, organizational records (human resources records), information on professional and personal competencies, education, qualifications, experience, professional experience, evaluation results and attestation, information on incentives and on administrative and disciplinary penalties.

Access to the 'E-Kyzmet' system is available through the Uniform Transport Network of State Bodies at

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