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Information on performance outcomes of civil servants – the year of 2016


 Information on performance outcomes of civil servants – the year of 2016
  1. A centralized and unified system for testing candidates for law enforcement officers is introduced
In accordance with the new Law "On the Civil Service of the Republic of Kazakhstan", citizens who first come into the law enforcement service shall take a test at the Agency.
In this regard, under the Order # 1 by the Agency, dated September 20, 2016, the Rules, Programs and Procedures for the organization of testing of citizens who first apply to the law enforcement service were approved.
Within the framework of the implementation of this Order, a corresponding automated program has been prepared.
In order to bring the standards of the law enforcement service closer to the standards of the administrative service, the option to record candidates for law enforcement services through the portal of "Electronic Government" has been organized.
2. The deadlines for the contests for the employment of administrative civil service vacancies for the candidates of the corps “B” have been optimized
In order to improve contest procedures, the Agency has analyzed the selection practice.
 Based on the results of the analysis, the contest procedures have been optimized, including the deadlines for accepting documents related to the internal competition, down to 3 working days (before it was 5 days), for the general competition down to 7 working days (before it was 10 days), In addition, the deadlines of the interview with candidates is decreased from 5 working days to 3.
  1. The qualification requirements for the positions of the corps "B" is reviewed
The Agency has analyzed the current qualification requirements for the positions of the corps "B", taking into account the proposals offered by other state bodies.
As a result of the analysis, some changes and additions have been introduced to the qualification requirements:
• the opportunity to hold the post of chief specialist at the akimat of the town equal to district importance or villages by those who have obtained post-secondary or technical and vocational education;
• it has been established that job experience is not required to be submitted for the position of chief specialist at the district and rural levels;
• the opportunity to submit for higher positions for those who have job service at the Armed Forces;
• the definition of the term "a leadership position" is determined.
  1. In the fulfillment of the Order given by the Head of State at the extended meeting of the Government on June 14, 2016, the Agency developed approaches for the attestation of administrative civil servants of the corps "B"
These approaches were approved by the National Commission for Modernization on October 11, 2016 and on the basis of these approaches, the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan  # 404 dated 30 December 2016  "On the Certification of Administrative Civil Servants of the corps “B” (hereafter - the Decree) was adopted.
The Decree approved the Rules for attestation, as well as the deadline for its completion, which will be determined by July 1, 2017.
The purpose of the attestation is to determine the level of professional competence and their compliance with the positions held by the employees of the corps "B".
Also, the Decree includes the competence of the Agency to determine the form of the evaluation sheet, the programs and procedures for organizing testing for assessing personal competencies, and instructions for conducting interviews.
In this connection, in order to implement the Decree, the Agency adopted an Order issued by the Chairman of the Agency #112 dated December 31, 2016 "On some issues of attestation of administrative civil servants of  the corps" B ".
The attestation includes three stages.
At the first stage, the personnel management service compiles an employee's evaluation sheet containing his/her personal data, as well as information on incentives, penalties, evaluation results, and the characteristics written by his/her immediate supervisor.
At the second stage, employees of the corps "B" take the test for assessing their personal competencies.
This procedure is organized in the testing halls of the Agency and its territorial subdivisions.
The third stage includes an interview by the attestation commissions. The members of this commission take decisions on the interview results as well as taking the previous results into account in making an ultimate decision.
In general, the attestation is carried out on three levels.
The first level is The Highest Attestation Commission (hereafter – the HAC).This level is for the attestation of the employees of the senior positions who belong to the corps "B".
They are  directors of departments of Ministries, heads of regional administrations, as well as employees of the Presidential Administration and the Cabinet of the Prime Minister.
The second level is the Attestation Commissions of the Ministries and Akimats of regions. They interview the employees of these state bodies, as well as akims of rural districts.
The third level is the District Commissions. The Commission interviews the employees of state bodies at district and rural level.
In order to ensure the transparency of the activities of the Commissions, except civil servants, the representatives of the public and the academic community are included to the Commissions.
For the convenience of the work of the attestation Commissions, the Agency approved the timetable for the attestations and uploaded it onto the Internet resource.
In its turn, state bodies considering this timetable independently approve their timetables of attestation.
In order to ensure the cohesiveness of the work of the Commissions, the attestation timetable is considered through the procedure of providing labor holidays, business trips, sending onto training and studies to cover as much as possible, the majority of the civil servants at the attestation.
The Agency is defined as the working body of the Higher Attestation Commission, and the personnel management services (personnel services) are responsible for the second and the third levels of the attestation commissions.
Responsibility for the organization and holding attestation is assigned to the working bodies.
To inform the public about attestation related issues, a special section "Attestation" has been launched on the website of the Agency -  kyzmet.gov.kz.
Moreover, there is a free call center 1424, which also provides the relevant information.

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